WP:CITE is a Firefox add-on that automatically generates footnote referencing citations for Wikipedia
When the user right clicks and selects the WP:CITE menu option, a small window opens, populated with Wikicode
that references the current web page, including: URL, Title, Publisher, and Accessdate.

by Jonathan Hochman, Diego Cadogan


What's New
  • Fully working installer
  • Works on Windows and Unix
  • Supported by all Firefox versions including FF 3.0.*
  • Now with CSS style, and clipboard function
  • complete Xul interface
  • new button to copy onto clipboard.
To Do
  • Auto update and addons.mozilla.org profile
  • Multiple clipboards for references
  • Direct text reference links
  • Buttons and automatic reference detector
  • Auto-generator of multiple references for documents
  • half way for user options and multiple clips.
  • half ready persistent user data (in the next release)
  • half done skins and localization.